The Ultimate Guide To Transforming Your Personality

One conventional and one ridiculous strategy that make transformation inevitable.

The Two Forces That Shape Our Personality

1. Actions

2. Interpreted Identity

Action is the concrete surface of your personality and interpreted identity is the molten core.

Actions: You Are How You Act

To have a different personality, you’d have to act differently. But to act differently, you need a different personality.
Action Tip: Identify the moments where a single action can demonstrate a personality trait that you desire but don't yet have (E.g: When listening to a friend rant, kind people express empathy more often than they give advice). 

An ideal micro moment is one which recurs often (e.g. ordering a coffee) and where taking your desired action is uncomfortable, but not too difficult or costly.

Finally, make sure you act in the identified micro moment at least once in the next 24 hours. Set a reminder to make sure you don’t forget.
Action Tip: Spend a week identifying micro moments and taking action for the personality train you desire. See which action works and can be sustained. Now, treat this action like a habit you must install, and build the system necessary to make follow-through inevitable.

Interpreted Identity

1. What your actions say about you

2. What others say about you

3. What you say about yourself

Action Tip: For one week, experiment with affirmations for identity change. Identify the state from which the personality trait you desire comes naturally. For example, better listeners are genuinely interested in other people. 

Then, do ten affirmations saying you have this attitude. (E.g: I, {your name}, am genuinely interested in people" ). You can do this in the shower every morning. Combine that by imagining yourself being in this state (E.g: imagine feeling that genuine curiosity).

Note how this shapes your day, and whether it affects your mood or behaviors.

Appendix: The Role of Genetics


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