Why You Should Never Talk About Your Goals

You’re asking for something other people can’t give you

No matter how loud you speak, you will only move towards your goals when you act. | Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

Why You Should Shut Up

You should shut up about your goals because you’re stalling for a solution you won’t get.

1. Most People Don’t Get it

First, most people won’t get it. They just don’t understand why your goals are worth fighting for — and they’ll transmit their confusion or their downright skepticism onto you.

Goal-fulfillment is essentially creative. You’re making something astonishing out of the most common ingredients in our universe: time and energy.

So, it’s likely that the goals that are worth pursuing most — the most ambitious and stunning achievements available to your person — are not even comprehensible to those around you. This vision is what makes your goal worth pursuing.

2. Real Goals Just Need a Leap of Faith

If Gandhi had waited on other peoples’ opinions of civil disobedience to decide that it was worth pursuing, we’d likely never have seen one of the greatest human accomplishments of politics and morality to ever be.

What About That Voice in Your Head?

So if you can’t talk, what should you do about that insecure voice in your head, the one that seeks validation? Actually, nothing. That voice is an essential part of the process, and any goal worth having comes with this insecurity and unsureness.

A philosophy student in Singapore who loves to create. Ideas have transformed my life, I write to share the best of them. Find my work: siddharthchatterjee.com

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